FGM scandal in England: Disastrous Failure of Social Services

23 Oct

Two women arrested by police in Bristol over accusations of inflicting FGM have fled Britain with their alleged victims and other at-high risk girls in a blow to efforts to secure landmark first convictions.

Police wanted social workers responsible for the girls care to obtain court orders, to protect them from further risk and preventing them from being taken out of the country.
But after “insufficient” action has been taken, both women were left free to flee abroad, taking the FGM victims and the girls at high risk with them.

Similar failings allowed another suspect, a woman from the Middle East in Newcastle.

The woman was arrested over an allegation that she had inflicted FGM on two little girls.
The youngsters were taken into care but released after social service department decided FGM had already inflicted on both of them.

Police confiscated the passport of the woman but she obtained a replacement from her home country.
UK border staff stopped her with the two girls including a toddler feared to be at high risk of further mutilation, but in absence of any further action by social workers she was left free to depart.

England has the highest rate of FGM victims in Europe, a minimum of 137 000 girls and women are affected and ten thousands of little girls at risk.

It seems British authorities, especially social services, are not interested to protect girls from FGM or bring perpetrators to court.

But we will never give in but continue to fight against FGM in England and all over the world.

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