Dramatic increase of FGM cases in Europe! – The British Government finally conforms to our demands!

30 Oct

Dear supporters,

The Desert Flower Foundation was the first organisation to investigate and uncover the dissemination of FGM in Europe.

In my book “Desert Children” I have written down and processed the shocking experiences within African communities, at doctor’s surgeries, in hospitals throughout European cities, as well as the general ignorance of the authorities to acknowledge the problem, to cope with it and to offer information and help to victims and endangered girls.

Our investigations and my book have prompted the European Union in 2006 to place the subject of FGM on their agenda for the first time – by then at least 500.000 women and girls had already been affected by FGM in Europe.

After our appearance in front of the EU Council of Ministers in 2006, many European countries have enacted laws or tightened existing laws and started awareness campaigns.

Our “STOP FGM NOW” campaign has reached millions of people around the world and was awarded several prizes.

Thousands of women and girls, who could not receive any help in their own countries or did not know whom to turn to, have contacted us since then.

We have opened several Desert Flower Centres for victims and we cooperate with local youth welfare offices in order to protect menaced girls.

However, this is not enough!

According to the estimations of NGOs, the number of women affected by FGM in Europe has risen to 700.000 – 1 million, due to immigration and the negligence of politicians and authorities.

Alone in England the number of women has risen from 70.000 in 2005 to 137.000 in 2015!

After meeting with us on several occasions, the British Government has finally conformed to our demands and implemented an obligation to report and register all cases of FGM at schools, hospitals and doctor’s surgeries.

This way, it is possible to provide targeted information for women and girls, who are now no longer just left to their fate!

FGM is a crime against innocent children!

It is the most severe and brutal form of child abuse and it must never be justified by religion or tradition!

Everyone, whether in Europe or anywhere else in the world, must fight against it!

Please support our fight against this gruesome torture by offering your cooperation or a donation!

Thank you! LOVE,

Waris Dirie

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