„Thank you to my sponsor in Europe“ – Yeakeni from Sierra Leone

20 Nov

In one of our routine visits to their house, we met 11-year-old Yeakini Koroma and her mother Yeanor Kamara.
Yeakeni Koroma, our beneficiary, is a little shy, but like her mother excited to meet us.

Yeakeni´s mother Yeanor Kamara recounts us:

„When Yeakeni and her brother were very young, my former husband decided to take a new wife. So I had to leave the house with the two small children. Fortunately we could settle with my own mother, who always supported us.

A few years later I got married again. My husband is a good man and takes care of me and the children. We are both gardeners and sell our crops on the market. We can barely live from the income.

We appreciate the Desert Flower Foundation sponsorship very much and we want to thank all the sponsors all over the world.”

“I am eleven years old and I am in the the fifth class of the St. Francis Primary School in Newton”, says Yeakeni timidly.
She adds: “Thank you very much, my sponsor in Europe.”

Please support our sponsorship program.

Yeakeni with her mother

Yeakeni with her mother


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