Save a little Desert Flower

4 Dec

The beneficiaries of our sponsorship program attend school and are protected from FGM and child marriage.


Girls from Sierra Leone

When a girl receives help from the Desert Flower Foundation sponsorship program, the family of the girls signs a contract in which they guarantee to protect their child from FGM.

This means they will consequently be free from life- threatening health issues that currently millions of young girls and women endure.

Our locally appointed resident paediatrician ensures regular health checks take place and that no sign of FGM has been performed on the girl. Additionally, the girls are inoculated against the risk of serious disease and medicine provided in cases where sickness occurs.

The family has to agree not to marry their daughter off before she is 18 and to enable her to go to school.

Usually school attendance fails, because parents cannot afford to buy schoolbooks for their children or girls do not have a suitable school uniform. Through your sponsorship we ensure girls receive school and exercise books, writing materials and school clothes through donations received.

The point of education is vital to ensure girls receive the chance for a self- determined and happy life and can additionally tackle the issue within their family of the forced marriage issue as well.

With a small donation you can support the Desert Flower Foundation and improve the life of a little Desert Flower sustainably.

Please support the Desert Flower Foundation!


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