Mum is back!

10 Dec

From Wuyatta Genda, our team member in Sierra Leone

Today I visited the Sillah family in Freetown and said hello to our beneficiary Salamatu.

Salamatu Sillay was only three years old when her mother ran away and left her all by herself. Salamatu´s grandmother found the little abandoned Desert Flower and tried to find the parents in vain.

During my visit the grandmothers told me how happy she was that Salamatu lived with them. Salamatu is a very active girl and makes everyone in school and in her family smile.

Two years later – Salamatu is now five years old – her mum came back. Salamatu is now very happy.

I met Salamatu´s mother on my visit and was eager to learn why she has left her daughter.

She burst out with tears that Salamatu´s father abandoned her when she was only five weeks pregnant with Salamatu. She tought he will take responsibility after Salamatu´s birth which did not happen.

She was unemployed and could no longer face the shame and the pressure, therefore she decided to leave.

But she faithfully promised to stay with her child now that she is back.

The whole family extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to the Desert Flower Foundation and all their sponsors for choosing Salamatu and helping with her schooling.

Wuyatta Genda

Please support the Desert Flower Foundation.

20151210_Salamatu Sillah_3


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  1. lucy jordan December 11, 2015 at 1:55 am #

    hi are yu aware that we hav just achieved the first convivtiond for FGM. in Australia .see this case on net Barrister Nanette Williams was a big infulance in getting this precedent set in Australia

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