Christmas surprise in our Desert Flower Center

14 Dec

Our Desert Flower Center´s self-support group is growing

Doctor Cornelia Strunz is the head of our Desert Flower Center at the “Waldfriede” hospital in Berlin, where we offer reconstructive surgeries for FGM victims. Every woman receives a pre-operation discussion and consultation.

Dr. Strunz also takes care of our Desert Flower Center´s self-support group and can hardly believe what she sees.

During the last year our Desert Flower Center´s self-support group has grown so fast that she speaks about splitting the group.

By now refugee homes have heard about the self-support group and send FGM-victims to the Desert Flower Center Berlin.

Some women travel from other cities to meet with the group. They bring their children along.

For Doctor Strunz it is out of question to send any woman away.

For the women themselves it doesn’t seem to be a problem to be part of such a large group. They talk about their problems and difficulties, but they have fun too.

Especially before Christmas a lot is going on:

They receive a special Christmas surprise from Doctor Strunz and her team: Not only a reimbursement of their travel expenses, but also a wrapped gift.

After unwrapping their gifts at the same time one can see joy in the faces of the women. Every one of them has received a photo album with photos of the self-support group taken since January 2015.


The Christmas surprise

The women also enjoyed the Christmas service for the staff of “Waldfriede” hospital, to which they had been invited.

But there are already plans for the upcoming year:

Networking plans beyond the self-support group, public appearances and a contribution of the self-support group at the charity concert in March 2016.

We wish all the women of our self-support group, Doctor Cornelia Strunz and our team members in Berlin Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2016!

Support the work of the Desert Flower Foundation Center here!


Doctor Strunz with one of the children



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