DFF fighting against FGM worldwide

16 Dec

News from Australia, Egypt and Sierra Leone

Australia takes action against FGM

“The Guardian” reported a Brisbane couple has been charged with taking two girls to Africa to undergo female genital mutilation in what is believed to be the first prosecution of its kind in Queensland, Australia.
The practice of taking children overseas for the procedure of FGM is a “serious criminal offence” under Queensland laws introduced in 2000 and carries a penalty of up to 14 years’ jail.
All countries have to enforce this!


FGM-murderer remains unpunished

“Vice news” took a look into the whereabouts of the Egyptian doctor Raslan Fadl, who became the first doctor in Egypt ever to be convicted for female genital mutilation.

In January he was sentenced for two years jail for manslaughter and additional three months for performing FGM on a 13-year old girl who died of her wounds a few hours after being “operated” on.
But the convicted doctor never went to jail. Whereas the police states that they cannot find him, he still works in a public hospital und still practices FGM.
It was no problem for “vice news” undercover journalists to find him and to make an appointment for an “operation”.

Officials don’t seem to care about enforcement of the sentence at all.

What a shame!


Quo vadis, Sierra Leone?

APA reported bad news from Sierra Leone:
Mr. Moijua Kaikai, the Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, declard this week that Sierra Leone will never ban FGM, as it is part of the country’s culture.
As FGM is common in Sierra Leone our sponsorship program focuses on this country.

Because we will never give up!

Please support our fight against this crime against women and children!


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