Christmas miracle in our Desert Flower Center

23 Dec

8-year-old emergency patient saved

One day before Christmas we want to share with you a particularly touching story from our Desert Flower Center in Berlin.

The Desert Flower Center does not only offer reconstructive surgeries for FGM victims, but is also specialised in treating the fatal consecutive symptoms of FGM.

Last week 8-year-old Matida from Gambia was taken as an emergency patient to the Desert Flower Center.

At the age of only eight months, Matida became a victim of the most severe form of FGM. Later she came to Germany with her parents. When she arrived in the Desert Flower Center she was suffering from heavy pain in the lower abdomen and was not able no urinate anymore.

With an emergency operation Matida could not only be saved, but also be completely reconstructed.

After the operation a little Christmas miracle took place: Matida, who had been full of fear and pain when she arrived, smiled only one day after the operation and began to draw and paint in her hospital bed.

Doctor Cornelia Strunz, general secretary of the DFF Germany and head of our Desert Flower Center, is very happy about the Christmas miracle, which the doctors performed.

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