Indian women break silence: FGM is not just an African problem

19 Jan

India is not included on U.N lists of countries affected by FGM, but Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that a group of Indian women break silence on FGM in India:

In India, FGM is carried out in great secrecy by the Dawoodi Bohra community, a Shia Muslim sect thought to number over 1 million people.

Although it is not mentioned in the Koran, the Bohras consider FGM, called “Khatna” in India, a religious obligation.

The majority of Bohra girls are cut and suffer from the consequences.

Some of them have the courage to speak out. They are calling on the government to ban FGM!

FGM is not just an African problem, it is also documented in Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Irak, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Malaysia and Indonesia. And in India.

Most African countries where FGM is practices have made it illegal.

But this is not enough. FGM should be banned in every single country in this world.

To end this cruel crime against women´s rights.

This is what we fight for.


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