DFF Scandinavia & Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm: Largest seminar on FGM worldwide

15 Feb

In February 2016 Desert Flower Foundation Scandinava in cooperation with Karolinska University Hospital held seminars for healthcare personnel in Sweden:

Over 700 gynecologists, midwifes, sexologist, nurses, psykotherapists, school doctors and nurses along with peditricians and urologists got information and education on FGM and treatment of FGM sufferers.

It is one of our demands that everybody who might be confronted with FGM in his/her profession must be informed about this practice. This is crucial to stop FGM.

Only somebody who knows exactly what Female Genital Mutilation is, where, how and for what reasons it is performed, is able to ask the right questions and to fight against it.

The seminar of Desert Flower Foundation Scandinavia is the largest seminar held on FGM worldwide. It is one big step in the right direction: A world without FGM.

Please support our work!

DFF Scandinavia team

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