Desert Flower Baby News

19 Feb

Our second “Desert Flower Center “- baby!

Dr. Cornelia Strunz, the head of Desert Flower Center, has great news:

Wednesday, at 1.44 p.m. our second “Desert Flower Center”- baby was born in Waldfriede Hospital. We are very happy to welcome a healthy girl named Muha.

Muha´s mother has been attending our Desert Flower Center self-support-group since April 2015. She already has one son and another daughter, 4 year old Marwa.

She had fled from Somalia. On her flight she had her daughter Marwa in Roma and her son later in Stockholm. Now she was threatened to be deported to Italy together with her children.

In July she told Dr. Cornelia Strunz that if she was deported to Italy, the father of Marwa who lived there would take Marwa back to Somalia to have her cut.

Through the effort of our Desert Flower Center Berlin and Dr. Cornelia Strunz, Marwa and her mother are allowed to stay in Germany.

Now Marwa has a little sister.

We wish them ALL THE BEST!

Please support our work.

Dr. Strunz with Marwa and her mother
Dr. Strunz with Marwa and her mother

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