A Kurdish woman speaks out on FGM

22 Feb

In 2003 our Desert Flower Foundation was the first organisation worldwide to report on the high prevalence rate of FGM among Kurdish women. Now German newspaper “Bild” has published a touching interview with a Kurdish woman.

In the Kurdish region in Northern Irak about 72 percent of women are victims of FGM. One of them is Hero Wakeel (30).

She was ten years old when a “cutter” came to her house and mutilated her. Her mother was holding her down. It took a long time for Hero to forgive her mother and to see her as FGM-victim herself.
“It was a tradition, everyone did it”

But Hero always felt ashamed for it. After years she took the courage and began to speak out on this “tradition” and what it did to her: She describes FGM as psychological trauma and speaks openly about the severe physical problems as well.

“My first time sex was horrible, the only thing I felt was pain. After that I couldn’t sit any more and had to take medication against the pain. At first my husband was angry, but then we started to talk about FGM. Now he knows that it is not my fault, he is understanding and does not get angry anymore.
I’m very happy he supports me.”

Today Hero works for women’s and human right organisations “Nwe” and “Wadi” which fight against FGM.

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