The Desert Flower Center: „A big success!“ – FGM-victim tells about reconstructive surgery

26 Feb

Since September 2013 our Desert Flower Center in Waldfriede hospital in Berlin offers reconstructuve surgeries for FGM victims. One of the patients wrote to us:

Dear Desert Flower Team,

I come from Gunia and I was cut when I was 6 years old.

I was a child and happy at first. I got through it. I wasn’t „unclean“ anymore. But as I child you have no idea what it means for your whole life.

Today I’m 41. I never had an orgasm. I have heard about this beautiful side of sex. I was sad I could never experience it.

In a report I heard about clitoris-reconstruction in France. Then I started to look for a way to do it in Germany.

So I came to Desert Flower Center. A big success!

Highly experienced doctors, especially Cornelia Strunz, and the professional treatment. The best thing that could happen to me

A few days ago I had my surgery. I feel happier than ever before.

I feel like new born.

I recommend every women affected by FGM to take the courage and go for reconstructive surgery.

You won’t regret it.

Thank you, Desert Flower Center!

Your happy patient


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