African diplomat’s baby given FGM protection in UK

4 Mar

The baby daughter of a West African diplomat based in London has been given special protection after concerns were raised that she could be subjected to FGM, “The Guardian” reported.

The girl’s mother had been subjected to FGM herself as a child. Now she feared family members would take her baby abroad to be cut and the child’s father would “fail” to prevent it.

The father insisted that he posed no risk to his daughter and that he abhorred the practice.

Neither the baby girl, who is less than a year old, nor her parents could be identified in the case because of legal order. The father, due to his status as diplomat, is free from prosecution.

But the baby was made ward of court and this is right!

The FGM protection order can involve revocation of a child’s passport and imposition of travel restrictions. The child’s access to certain family members can also be blocked.

It must not have been easy for the mother of the baby to raise her concerns to the judge. But it was the right thing to do to protect her baby from FGM.

We have to prevent babies and girls from being sent abroad to become victims of FGM.


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