International Women’s Day 2016: City of Berlin honours our Desert Flower Center

8 Mar

Since 1998 the Louise-Schroeder medal is given to a person or institution for extraordinary work in legacy of the first female mayor of the city of Berlin, Louise-Schroeder. Around the birthday of Louise Schroeder the Berlin House of Representatives presents the medal.

“If I, as a women, managed to accomplish a certain task, it was to get people closer together, to strengthen their aversion of dictatorship and to help them wherever possible.”

Those words are written on the medal. This year the medal goes to our Desert Flower Center in Berlin.

The award presentation is taking place on 21st of April.

Waris Dirie congratulates: “I am proud of the great work of my team in our Desert Flower Center, I am proud of this award.”

Louise Schroeder, one of the most significant politicians in post-war Berlin was born on 2nd April 1887. She fought for women’s equality.

A fight that is by no means over yet, not even in Europe.

Let’s fight together!


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