Desert Flower experts meet at medical conference

14 Mar

From 11th to 12th March 2016 the 4th annual conference of GAERID (Society for aesthetical and reconstructive intimate surgery ) took place in Leipzig.

Experts came together to share their knowledge on FGM and talk about their work. On this occasion three experts from our Desert Flower Centers have met:

– Doctor Cornelia Strunz, head of our Desert Flower Center Berlin

– Doctor Refaat Karim, head of Desert Flower surgical training Center, Amstelveen

– Doctor Hannes Sigurjónsson, head of Desert Flower Center Scandinavia

The conference was chaired by Doctor Refaat Karim and Doctor Hannes Sigurjónsson. Doctor Cornelia Strunz held a lecture on “Desert Flower Center – Building up a treatment Center”

Doctor Cornelia Strunz concludes: “It was already the 4th annual conference, it was great. I could share my knowledge on FGM with international colleagues. I’m looking forward to upcoming intensive collaboration”


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