Shocking statistics from Nigeria

5 Apr

A quarter of the women population in Nigeria has been mutilated

Women from Nigeria
Women from Nigeria

19.9 million women have gone through the procedure of FGM. The practice of female circumcision is strong and entrenched in the cultural system of  Nigeria’s communities.

Gender specialist, Nkiru Igbelina-Igbokwe, says the only way to eliminate FGM is to go down to  the communities and get community consensus to stop the behaviour that promotes FGM.

„We discovered that men don’t want FGM […]. Men are the major decision makers, so when they get interested in what is happening to their girl-child and they show their displeasure, it will stop.“ – says the gender specialist

It’s important to foster inter gender dialogue in order to stop FGM!

Igbelina-Igbokwe and her team have a target of reaching 40 communities in Osun, Ebonyi and other states to stop FGM.

We support this project and demand abandonment in the communities of Nigeria and everywhere!


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