Desert Children

18 Apr
Waris Dirie at the Venice Film Festival

Waris Diries book „Desert children“ tells the story of many young girls from all around the world, who went through the cruel procedure of FGM.

Khadiatu is one of those girls. Her story doesn’t take place in Africa, but in Germany.

Khadiatu’s parents think of FGM as a cultural tradition and are bound to circumcise their younger girls, despite the legal situation.

Khadiatu knows the cruel ritual and asks Waris Dirie for help.

With the help of the authorities, Waris Dirie and her team are able to rescue the girls from the procedure.
Again and again many young women call the Desert Flower Foundation and ask for help.  In collaboration with child protective services we could help them to escape the mutilation.

With “Desert Children” Waris Dirie opens a door, which remained closed for a long time in Europe and gives a million of women the power to step up against FGM.

You can read Khadiatu’s story and the destiny of many other women in Waris Diries’ book “Desert Children”.



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