Running for a good cause

26 Sep

Waris Dirie is exercising in Seefeld (Austria) for her new educational project

700 million people world wide and especially in Africa can neither write nor read. Education is an essential step for the growth of Africa and the end of female genital mutilation!

In order to put an end to this high illiteracy rate I am starting a new educational project “My first reading book” for children.

By climbing up Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro, and participating in a desert marathon in MoroccoI am collecting donations for the new project of my Desert Flower Foundation in Africa.

Together with personal trainer Jopo Pötschger and Ultra-Marathon-Champion Christoph Harreither I am getting ready for this athletic adventure in the Austrian Alps at the “Easy-Motion-Skin” Resort established by entrepreneur Christian Jäger.

During the breaks I am working on my first reading book for children, which I will donate to schools in Africa next year.

Education is the first step to self-determination. Africa will only continue to grow and solve its problem by investing more money in education!

With your support I will help my homeland to grow sustainably!




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