UK: Voices against FGM perpetrators

26 Sep

Scotland Yard disapproves of FGM practitioner entering the UK

Kharday Zorokong, who took part in the 73rd session of the UN commitee on the rights of the child in Geneva last week, is believed to be the person, who now seeks entry into the UK.

Zorokong is a FGM practitioner in Sierra Leone and has a “high-profile-Status” within her community as the head of council of practitioners. As the secretary general of Sierra’s Leone’s National Sowei Council (NSC) she plays an important role in secret societes, which practice FGM as an initiation into the community.

NSC opposes a ban of FGM in Sierra Leone and says it should only be illegal until the age of 18, stating “that every girl is allowed to do what she wants to her body”, ignoring the pressure that society puts on them.

Now Scotland Yard is urging the high court to issue a FGM protection order and prevent “a person who may wish to carry out FGM” from entering the country.

The High Court refused to issue an order stating it would be more appropiate to adress the question to the secretary of state.

Zorokong and her delegation shouldn’t have been invited to the UN commitee in the first place.

The objection is a step in the right direction and shows  the willingness to act upon FGM.

We demand a Zero tolerance against FGM perpetrators and  an order to prevent Zorokong from entering the UK!



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