14 Dec



6-year-old Funah is one of the many Little Desert Flowers, who we could save together with your help from being cut. Thanks to your support Funah is now attending school in Sierra Leone.

However, as in most African countries, Funah has to share a reading book with 10 other classmates, since school materials, such as books, pencils and schoolbags are rare in Africa.

Christmas is just around the corner and Funah’s greatest wish is a very own first reading book for her and each of her classmates.



The main obstacle to ending FGM is the lack of education. 

Africa still has the highest illiteracy rate in the world!
95% of African children do not have schoolbooks, reading books or writing materials.

That’s why I decided to write a first reading book with exercises for children like Funah and her friends, which I will give to every child in Africa together with a writing set and a school backpack.

Please support us in order to fulfill Funah’s and her classmates’ christmas wish and make a donation for books and colored pencils.

With 10 Euros you will purchase  a first reading book, a color pencil set and a school backpack for a child in Africa. If  your financial possibilities allow you, I would be very happy if you would support more children with a larger donation!

I wish you a blessed peaceful Christmas!



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