3 Jan

5, 621 girls between the age of 8 and 16  are at the risk of undergoing FGM in the Serengeti District in Tanzania.

5, 621 too many says Serengeti District Commissioner Nurdin Babu, who instructed the authorities to arrest all circumcisers, who had been involved in the illegal practice.

While arresting a Kitarungu Village chairmain in their preliminary investigations, a police patrol team was stoned by the Kitarungu community in the Serengeti District.

Despite the incident Babu is determined to end the cruel practice in the Serengeti District:

“Even if they run away, we’ll finally arrest them because when schools open we will continue with investigations to identify girls, who have undergone FGM and their parents will be responsible”

Next to the strict persecution the district has also been offering trainings on the side effects of FGM in form of seminars.

During their investigations 9 FGM practitioners, two clan elders and several parents had been arrested for participating in FGM practices. FGM mostly followed by early marriage and school dropouts.

Tanzania’s willingness to act is setting an example in the fight against FGM!

Keep it up!



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