8 Feb

Dear politicians,
Dear media,

For many years now, I’ve been fighting every day, against the cruel ritual of FGM practised on millions of girls and women around the world!

Every day, hundreds of girls become victims of female genital mutilation.

Since 2002, I urge you to fight against FGM in my manifesto, which 15 years later still hasn’t been fulfilled.

Two days ago, on February 6th, the International Day against Female Genital Mutilation, media reported about this terrible ritual. Followed by a five-minute  speech by politicians from all over the world, who promised to fight  this crime and protect the affected women.

A promise that goes out  to millions of women every year, who expect help, is broken in the next 364 days.

Governments around the world use the 6th of February to gather sympathy points among their voters.
But where do the actions remain? Where are the  shelters and medical care for the affected women?

I ask you not only to make promises on the International Day against female genital mutilation but to fight every day of the year against this terrible crime and help the millions of affected women.

Only together can we put an end to this crime against mankind!


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