13 Mar
Safa, Kadja and Inab

9 years ago, we saved little Safa from being cut.

She became our first little desert flower.

Today she lives a life in integrity and attends school, she is one of the best students in her class!

Now she wants to help herself!

“The Desert Flower Foundation has saved me, now I want to help! With the support of the Desert Flower Foundation, I have  managed to save my sister Kadja from the cruel ritual
Together with my best friend, Inab, I want to save my friends, my cousins and all the girls in Djibouti. I ask you for your help, so that all girls can lead a life in integrity, just like you and me!

I thank you for your great support and send you love! ”

Support now Safa’s and Inab’s wonderful effort for a better world!

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