21 Apr

Due to a devastating fire in the slums of Susan’s Bay, Mary and her family lost their home. They had to leave behind all their belongings.

Little Mary is one of our Little Desert Flowers. With help from the Desert Flower Foundation, little Mary and her family found a place to stay in the community centre.

The Desert Flower Foundation supports Mary in order for her to attend school on a daily basis. Especially in these times of trouble children must be highly protected. Currently, the school is the safest place for little Mary.

Let’s help together to rebuild Mary’s home!

It’s already the second time that the Mary’s family lost their home. In 2015  they were forced to leave their hut due to massive floods in Sierra Leone.

We will not let that happen again!

Only through education we can support little Mary towards a better future.

Thanks to your support, the Desert Flower Foundation gives little Mary the opportunity for a better life.

A better life, where little Mary can make her dream come true – the dream of one day becoming a teacher and role-model for all the little girls that have to face such difficult and horrible situations in their childhood.


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