7 Aug

The First Desert Flower Education Boxes have arrived for a teacher workshop in Sierra Leone!

Graduating from  school in Africa, doesn’t neccessarilly mean you will be able to read or write!

Due to the horrendous supply of school materials teachers and students often have difficulties teaching and learning simple things like the alphabet.

Our teachers from Sierra Leone want to raise their country’s future to educated and independent human beings but unfortuntaly they dont’t always have resources to do so.

They are thrilled about the Education Box and have already made a plan in our workshop to use „My Africa- The Journey“ in English class, Social Science and Geography.

„In my class we have one board and two books for 50 students.  With this book, I will be able to show them rivers, mountains and their home Africa.“ , says Hannah Bokhari from Bo.

In their schools alone our teachers asked for over 20 000 books!

Thanks to the help of our generous donors, we have so far been able to fund 10 000 education boxes. This is a fantastic achievement, but sadly thousand of children in Sierra Leone and all over Africa are waiting for their first reading book.

We strongly believe that every child has the right to a prosperous education and should’t be stopped to unlock their full potential!

We have the power to help and we must help!

Let’s support Africa’s children and teachers now- head to and get your own „My Africa- The Journey“ and give an Education Box to a child in Africa.

Thank you!

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