7 Aug

We visited our 1000 Little Desert Flowers in Sierra Leone last month. We returned with wonderful stories and
tales of success and happiness, which we wish to share with you!

Our sponsorships in Sierra Leone are spread out over six cities and villages. We visited each community and were always
received warmly! Not only the Desert Flowers welcomed us but also parents, siblings and other locals.





The girls demonstrated their knowledge on FGM through plays, songs and speeches. Thanks to the numerous workshops and education programs held by our local team, the girls are fully aware of the serious psychological and physical consequences of FGM and therefore resist the brutal ritual.



The girls draw the strength to go against the ritual from their education. With schooling and literacy, the girls hold the key to live empowered and selfdetermined lives! Every girl is pursuing a career dream already. They wish to become teachers, doctors, cooks, technicians and much more!



We held workshops with teachers from all over the country to discuss the importance of education. The first reading book by Waris Dirie (available in our online-shop) was received with great enthusiasm!
The teachers ordered over 20,000 copies for schools in their districts.


We are beyond happy to tell you that all Desert Flowers are well and happy! The girls are immensely confident and due to
your sponsorship have the opportunity to live in dignity, health and with prosperous futures ahead of them.
We were ordered to deliver warm regards to you from all the Desert Flowers!

We have been able to save over 1,000 Desert Flowers! Meanwhile we have received 1,500 new applications for sponsorships.


Please help us on our mission to save girls from FGM and gift them with successful, happy futures. Share our message with
your friends and family.

We, the Desert Flower Foundation, thank you greatly for your support !


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