Egypt: One step forward, two steps back

26 Sep

After the death of a young girl during an illegal FGM operation , Egypt’s cabinet promised to introduce stricter penalties for perpetrators.

Days after the cabinet toughened penalties for those who perfom the illegal procedure, an Egypt MP says that every woman in Egypt must be circumcised.

Elhamy Agina defends the cruel practice saying “Women must accept FGM to reduce libido and to match sexually-weak men”

Agina is not the first member of the parliament to defend FGM in Egypt. It’s the government who fails to protect women’s right and health.

The end of FGM starts with education! We are encouraging the Egyptian parliament once again to not only choose its members more wisely but to educate them about FGM and help them to transfer the right message to the population: FGM is a crime!


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